Oral Cancer Screenings


Oral cancer kills one American every hour. Oral Cancer is also the only cancer that has increased every year in the past six years, due to the rise in HPV related oral cancers. Similar to other cancers, early detection of Oral Cancer is critical. We are pleased to make Oral ID a part of our oral health protocol. Oral ID is a state-of-the-art cancer screening device that can help identify early signs of oral cancer, even before these lesions can even be seen with the human eye. Being able to identify these oral lesions at earlier stages could be the difference between life and death. The oral cancer screening is a simple and quick test that is done without dyes or rinses. We recommend all our patients be screened with the Oral ID every year.


Texas Center of Dental Excellence Takes a Stand Against Oral Cancer Using Oral ID™

On February 1, 2014, Dr. Patel joined forces with Forward Science Technologies LLC, the manufacturer of Oral ID™ and Cyt ID™ to promote early detection and public awareness of oral cancer. Currently, Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, but for almost all cancers the 5 year survival rate has improved over the last several years due to improved screening measures. Oral cancer is the exception, so Dr. Patel has recognized the benefit of Fluorescence Technology that Oral ID™ provides in efforts to discover oral cancer in its early stages and potentially save lives.

The standard of care for oral cancer screening lies in the responsibility of your general dentist. Each year a visual and tactile exam should be performed, as part of your annual oral health assessment. Currently, 63% of oral cancer is found in late stages (stage III, IV), resulting in a 5 year survival rate of less than 50%. Oral ID™ has the ability to “highlight” these irregularities in much earlier stages, before it is visible to your dental professional, in turn increasing the 5 year survival rate up to 80-90%.

It was once believed that only nicotine or increased alcohol use could lead to oral cancer, but we now know that due to environmental, socioeconomic, genetic and varied health factors; it makes the entire general public at risk. Dr. Patel wants to give all her patients the knowledge and opportunity to beat this epidemic.

​ If you are interested in more information, you can call us at 713-861-7216 to schedule an appointment or visit www.oralid.com. With increased public awareness we hope change the trends, and encourage you to inquire with your dental professional on the precautionary steps necessary for early discovery of oral cancer.