Revitalize Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Revitalize Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry 

If the conspicuous black triangles that have opened up between your teeth are closing down your smile, it’s time to take some bold action!  Whether your gums have receded due to gum disease, brushing too hard, or tooth loss that your aging restorations just can’t hide, cosmetic dentistry can open the door to a younger, revitalized – and smiling – YOU!

Restore gums that have receded and prematurely aged your appearance.  When the gums draw back your teeth can appear much longer.  Once exposed, sensitive root surfaces are susceptible to caries and can turn hot or cold food and drink into an endurance test.  With time, your teeth can loosen because as the gum recedes, so does the supporting bone.

Prevent or Camouflage visibly sunken gums caused by missing teeth.  This unsightly outcome of gum and bone loss can be apparent around the edges of your older restorations.  Replace them with modern, natural-looking crowns, bridges, or permanent implants that prevent bone loss as well as rejuvenate your appearance.

Sculpt your Smile to make short teeth look longer and create symmetry in an uneven gumline.  You may have perfectly healthy gums and teeth, but the radiance of your smile can be overshadowed by an excessive or uneven amount of gum tissue that can be permanently corrected.

Let Our Team Give You Dazzling Results in Time For That June Wedding or Graduation

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Book now to get the smile you want to keep!

Look out your window… what do you see? You know it doesn’t really matter whether we are witnessing the first eagerly awaited buds of spring or just anticipating them. In our hearts, we are always ready for the excitement and social events that warm weather brings. Let our team give you dazzling results in time for that June wedding or graduation.  Book your spring smile update with us today.

Booking ahead is a must-do if you want your smile to blossom in time for any planned occasion. There are two reasons for this. First, as weddings, graduations, and other photo-filled events approach, wise consumers anticipate the very high demand for cosmetic dental services. Second, we want you to have time to enjoy the process – to consult and ensure that your terrific updated look is really you!

Be prepared and smile for the camera … with confidence! Teeth whitening can take as little as one visit or a few weeks in the privacy of your home and make a remarkable difference in the impression you make. Other transformative techniques like bonding, cosmetic veneers, crown and bridge, and even a gum lift can completely rebalance and enhance the dimensions of your smile.

Don’t wait for the camera to find you! We are conveniently located in the Houston Heights area and are eager to help you with your dental needs.

Soft Drinks, Hard Choices

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Make the right choice!

Remember when a bottle of soda pop was a big treat on a hot summer day? Well, soda may still taste great, but the portion size has exploded, and so has our consumption! Since 1970, our average yearly consumption has increased by 2½ times! Way back when, soda came in a 12 oz bottle, but now the standard serving size at amusement parks is a whopping 32 oz!

There are many health issues surrounding soda, but front and center is the oral and dental health of our children, particularly our teenagers. Individual soda companies approach schools with lucrative long­term exclusivity deals called “pouring rights” in return for funding. The marketing is so intense it’s almost impossible for teenagers to ignore it. Daily consumption among teens has almost doubled in the last twenty years alone!

It’s very easy to forget that soda is a sugary, acid-filled beverage that attacks your teeth and gums with a vengeance. Our mouths are filled with natural bacteria that, when combined with soda sugars, produce acid that attacks teeth for twenty minutes or more. The phosphoric acids in pop can dissolve tooth enamel resulting in erosion or loss of hard tissues from the tooth surface.

What to do? Try sugar-free products, or best yet, try that great-tasting, simple, free thirst quencher. It’s called water, and it has no fat, no caffeine, no sugar, and no acid!

Reward Yourself with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Reward Yourself with Dental Cosmetics

Cosmetics puts sizzle into your smile

A symbolic pat on your own back is nice, but a real reward is better. You and you alone have been brushing, flossing, and maintaining a good oral home care regimen… even when you’d rather just flop into bed. Don’t you think you deserve some smile sizzle? Give yourself the gift of a great-looking, ego-­boosting cosmetic dental procedure!

    • Teeth whitening is by far the most popular way to make over a smile. Daily indulgences like drinking tea, coffee, and red wine will gradually stain your teeth. Your toothbrush alone can’t combat aging, medications, or heredity.
    • Bonding and veneers are completely natural looking and can correct the appearance and function of cracked, chipped, or unevenly spaced teeth without surgery or braces. Today’s materials are so well-crafted and so translucent that they reflect light like the enamel you were born with.
    • White fillings can make your teeth look like you’ve never had a cavity filled, and they may make your teeth stronger as well as immaculate looking.
    • Your smile can communicate “natural” even if your teeth have lived life to its fullest. Dentists use crowns to repair severely damaged teeth, and bridges and implants can replace gaps.
    • Non-surgical tooth lengthening can reveal your beautiful enamel to re-balance too-short or worn-down teeth.

Go ahead. Reward your great behavior. Ask the dentist about putting some sizzle back into your smile!

Our Sincere Thanks

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Our Sincere Thanks!

For your trust & loyalty.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your many years of continued support for our family dental practice. It’s been a privilege and a great pleasure for us to be able to provide you and your family with the highest standard of dental and oral health care. We try to treat our patients with the utmost dignity, respect, and compassion. And it’s very satisfying to see just how many patients pay us the ultimate compliment by referring their friends and family to our practice. We are truly grateful for your trust. Please continue to refer any friends or colleagues to us, and accept our genuine “thank you” for your future referrals.




Fight That Cold

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Time to change your brush.

We recommend our patients change their toothbrushes every three months, or with the seasons. And even sooner if you’ve recently had an infection such as sinusitis, pneumonia, or upset stomach. A study demonstrated that these bacteria can stay on the toothbrush, and remain there for up to a month! Make sure to buy a soft-bristled replacement toothbrush with round-ended bristles which are easier on your enamel and gums. Hard, worn, or frayed bristles can actually damage your gum tissue. Powered toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque, and are ideal for people with arthritis or other health conditions. We already know that regularly replacing your toothbrush is good for the health of your teeth and gums, so fighting infection is just one more reason to invest in a new toothbrush!

Toy Drive

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We’re hosting a Toy Drive in order to help benefit the Women’s Center through December 21, 2016. Bring in new, unwrapped toys to help us provide a happy Christmas for children who are less fortunate. Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Please Bring:
New and Unwrapped Toys

Drop off at our offices during our business hours and help put a smile on a child’s face this holiday.

Five Ways to Prevent Cavities

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Candy, soda, sugary treats, “Oh my!” They may taste delicious, but man, that sweet tooth can pack a disastrous oral punch. Just because you love your sweets doesn’t mean your teeth have to suffer the uncomfortable cavity consequences. There are preventative measures you can take to ensure you keep your teeth cavity-free while still enjoying those delectable desserts.


Five ways to prevent cavities

Brush your teeth often: To keep those pearly whites healthy and strong, you should keep your teeth clean. If you’re working in an office, there are travel toothbrushes and small tubes of fluoride toothpaste you can discreetly carry in your purse or briefcase. For school-aged kids, they should brush their teeth after they have their afternoon snack, just to clean their teeth after their busy day. As an alternative, you can swish with mouthwash or even water, just to rinse the remaining residue from your teeth until you can brush them thoroughly.

Eat Cheese: Yes, you read that right. Cheese has a protein called casein which researchers have discovered can help promote healthy teeth. Surprisingly, yes. Tasty…very! Cavity prevention…Yes! This seems to be the case when it comes to cheese.

Sip with Straws: People love their soft drinks. Limit the amount of damage your drinks can do by using a straw. If the liquid doesn’t come into direct contact with your teeth, you can minimize the adverse effects. Don’t forget to brush or rinse, because that sugar still lingers in your mouth.

Sugar-Free Gum: Chewing sugar-free gum made with Xylitol is a pretty useful cavity-defensive measure. Xylitol helps with cavity prevention because cavity-causing bacteria can not grow in your mouth when Xylitol is on the loose. If you’re chewing sugar-free gum or sucking on a sugar-free mint where Xylitol is the first ingredient, you’re doing major damage control when it comes to your teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly: To really pack a cavity-preventing punch, schedule regular visits with the dentist. Doing this twice per year for cleaning and oral exams can help by locating any potential problems. You can also discuss dental sealants with your dentist. Dental Sealants are a protective plastic coating that is placed in the grooves of your teeth and creates a barrier against any buildup that can cause tooth decay. These sealants can last up to ten years but need to be examined at your regular check-ups to make sure they are still in place.

Dark Chocolate & Your Teeth

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Many people may have heard that dark chocolate is good for you, but they might not have heard about how good it can be for your teeth. In fact, there is a definite link between dark chocolate, teeth and the longterm health of your mouth.

Dark Chocolate

What Makes Dark Chocolate Different?

With all the health claims made for dark chocolate, you would be forgiven for imagining this particular type of chocolate is imbued with some magical qualities not shared by other chocolates. In fact, dark chocolate is healthier than other types of chocolate because it is closest to the cocoa bean form.


Congratulations to Essay Contest Winner Marian Perla

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Congratulations to Essay Contest Winner Marian Perla! Marian is the $500 winner of our High School Senior, 250 words or less essay contest on “Why Continuing My Education Will Help Me Make a Difference in the World”


“Why Continuing My Education Will Help Me Make a Difference in the World”

by Marian Perla

I was born eight weeks premature and had many complications after birth. As a child, my parents always told me about the neonatal nurse that took care of me while I was in the hospital. The way they described him to me conveyed that he genuinely cared about my wellbeing. I feel that he was truly meant to be a nurse because of his nurturing nature. I am inspired to be like this nurse that helped me as a newborn, so I can help care for others in the community. I will give back to others by becoming a neonatal nurse and helping others premature infants to develop, strive, and mature to become healthy children. By obtaining an education as a neonatal nurse, I will be fully qualified to help these babies in need. My goal is to earn my nursing degree and work in a hospital such as Memorial Hermann or Texas Children’s Hospital. Helping these premature infants will improve the community by adding new citizens to the community, and one day, my desire is that these babies will make a huge difference in the world just like I hope to.